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Family Services

The Salvation Army in Santa Rosa offers assistance with food, bill pay, and more to those in need.

None of us like to think that one day we could unexpectedly lose our job, develop a serious illness, or lose a family member who has been supporting us, but when these things happen, several common needs arise: the need for a safe place to live, food for our family, and a new source of income.

Our Food Services Department serves close to 200 families a week with emergency groceries, and we offer bread, fruit, and vegetables on a daily basis to anyone who needs food. Each month The Salvation Army distributes close to twenty tons of food, much of it donated by local businesses, schools, and churches. Although the requests are as different as the people, one thing remains constant: people in need expect The Salvation Army to be able to help them.

Food Pantry

Office hours
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
10 am - 12 pm


  - Identification - Photo I.D. for all adults in the household and identification for all children residing in the household (i.e. birth     certificate, Social Security card or Medical card).

  - Must provide proof of current address.

Food assistance can be received once every 30 days.

REACH Program

Office hours
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
1 pm - 3 pm

The REACH (PG&E Assistance program) service area for this office is throughout Sonoma County, excluding Sonoma Valley and areas north of Healdsburg and south of Cotati.

Required Documents:

  - 15 day or 48-hour notice - The program can assist with up a to $200 maximum.  Anything over $200 must be paid and you     will be required to show proof of payment before we can begin the application process.

  - Hardship - Documentation showing an unexpected financial hardship within the last 120 days. (Medical, dental, car repair,       home repair, etc.)

  - Identification - Photo I.D. and Social Security Card for person named on the account.  Identification is required for everyone     in household: Adults: Photo ID or Social Security Card, Children:  ID can be a birth certificate, Social Security card or                   Medical card.

  - Income - ONE month's proof of income for the entire household.  Proof of income must be less than 60 days old. There           must be sufficient income to cover rent and utilities.  Program guidelines are based on gross income. (Must have current           income or cannot start the application process.)

  - Rent or Mortgage - Rental agreement or rent receipt for current month or mortgage schedule or receipt of current                     payment.

  - Section 8 or HUD Qualifications - Applicants must bring in paperwork showing how much HUD/Section 8 pays and what         amount you are supposed to be paying. Also, to qualify for the program if on Section 8 or HUD there must be someone in         the household who is 62 or older, permanently disabled or terminally ill.

Season of Sharing Program

Office hours
Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
1 pm - 3 pm

Rental Assistance and Critical Family Needs

The Season of Sharing (SOS) service area for this office is Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park and Cotati only.

Please bring the following:

  - California Driver's License / Valid California Photo Identification Card (Bring the original)

  - Social Security cards of all who live in the household (Bring the originals)

  - Proof of income for all household members (Bring the originals)

  - Lease Agreement or Rental agreement is needed for the process of your application. (Bring original document)

  - Rental Assistance - You must provide the Season of Sharing program with a letter from the landlord or leasing agent that         states the amount of rent past due or the deposit required.  This must be on letterhead that has the address and phone           number of the landlord.

  - Critical Family Need - Documentation showing an unexpected financial hardship (medical, loss of job, home repair, etc.)

  - A letter is required from you explaining the events that lead up to this situation and why you need help. If you have any             receipts for expenses or documents showing your hardships make sure you bring them in to review.

Please gather all the above items before coming in.  Not having all the required documentation only prolongs the process.  We will not accept partial documentation. Please Note:

  - You must have minor children, someone in the household who is disabled or over 60 years of age.

  - You will be required to prove that you will be able to pay your rent the months following the one in which you receive               assistance.

  - If you have received assistance from SOS in the past, you may not receive additional assistance for at least five years. 

Spiritual Counseling available to any interested clients.

Our Family Services offices are located at 93 Stony Circle in Door C, Santa Rosa, CA.

For more information, please call 707-542-0998.