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Our doors are always open. Image

Our doors are always open.

Each year, The Salvation Army provides over 10 million nights of shelter to those in need.

About 15% of the homeless population in the U.S. is comprised of 'chronically homeless' individuals.

This population is especially vulnerable during the hottest and coldest months of the year.

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As long as there's The Salvation Army, there's no such thing as 'no place to go.'

Our group homes, emergency shelters and transitional living centers provide housing, food and overnight lodging for varying amounts of time to destitute families, the homeless, the displaced and to youth where family care is undesirable or unavailable. In addition, we supplement every shelter service with emotional and spiritual support.

The Salvation Army provides safe shelter to nearly 30,000 people every night through a variety of programs.

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Emergency Shelters
For families and individuals looking to escape extreme weather or just wanting a safe, quiet place to spend the night, emergency shelters provide a nutritious meal, a warm bed and a clean shower to those in need.

Group Homes and Transitional Living Centers
Along with meeting immediate physical needs such as food and shelter, these establishments provide educational, counseling and vocational services to help individuals develop vital life skills and independence for re-entry into society.

Family Service Programs
The Salvation Army assists families in need by providing food, housing and utility assistance. Best of all, these programs enable parents to stay with their children, even when placed in emergency shelters.

Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living Program at The Salvation Army Santa Rosa Corps helps men who have graduated from an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program transition back to securing employment and to ultimately find permanent housing.

Program Goals

The Transitional Living Program operates a four unit apartment building in Santa Rosa with a total of twelve beds.

The program provides a structured, safe, and supportive environment, where newly recovered addicts can change their lives by having a place to call home for up to 24 months. During this time, the men are working, saving, and learning the necessary skills to succeed in life and transition into productive members of society.

Each participant has an Individual Recovery Plan that is created, monitored, and achieved through a coordinated effort involving the participant, staff, volunteers, and subject-matter experts in order to maximize the potential for success.

Program Requirements


  - Completion of recognized rehabilitation program, minimum 6 months in residence

  - Full-time employment

  - $200 Deposit

  - First month's program fees (30% of income)


  - Positive attitude

  - Compliance with all house rules

  - Random drug testing

  - Attendance of life skills classes

  - Attendance of 12 Step Program meetings

  - Maintain clean home

  - Pay fees on time

The Transitional Living Program in Santa Rosa is an approved California Sober Living Home.

For more information, please contact Patrick Thompson, Social Services Director, at (707) 535-4271 or