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Youth Outreach & Gang Prevention Programs Image

Youth Outreach & Gang Prevention Programs

The Salvation Army in Santa Rosa is giving young people a chance to discover their talents in a safe and nurturing environment.

Because of cuts in school funding, many children no longer have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument or sing in a group. The Salvation Army is giving young people a chance to discover their talents, in a safe and nurturing environment.

By providing a multi-faceted program with many different experiences for a child to sample, The Salvation Army in Santa Rosa will help a child discover where their true talents lie - and then we?ll help them develop those talents.

From music lessons to athletics, our programs help children discover their talents.

In addition to music, The Salvation Army offers scouting clubs to young people of all ages. 

Sunbeams are for Girls ages 6-10, Girl Guards for girls ages 11-18, and the boys have Adventure Corps.  They earn merit badges, perform service projects, learn teamwork, respect, kindness, and other great character building skills while having a great time and helping each other succeed.

Every other Friday night, from 6-8pm, teens and preteens meet for the Young People's Legion (YPL) and enjoy a variety of activities from playing pool and air hockey to having a Nerf gun war, to taking trips to see a movie or even down to see the Giants or A's.  The teens get fed, entertained, and mentored and a chance to have fun without getting into mischief.  Discussions about life, drugs, gangs, school are sprinkled into the fun.

For more information, please call Laura Shepherd at 707-535-4251, or email her at laura.shepherd@usw.salvationarmy.org.

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